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EIPBN 2012 Conference Program

Technical Sessions

  EIPBN Draft Day-by-Day Program:  13 April 2011 Please note:  this program

version remains subject to change

Session/ Paper # Title Authors
  WEDS (0830-1030)  
  4D Electron Microscopy: History, Developments and Applications2 Ahmed Zewail
  History and Development of the Helium Ion Microscope Nicholas P. Economou
  Moore for Less: Lithography for the 15nm Node and Beyond Sam Sivakumar
  WEDS (1430-1550)  
1A Directed Self Assembly I  
1A.1 Multi-Layer Block Copolymer Self-Assembled Structures Using Tilted Pillar Templates Shin’ichi Warisawa, Jeong Gon Son, Jae Byum Chang, Caroline Ross and Karl Berggren
1A.2 Towards an all-track process for DSA Chi-Chun Liu, Christopher Thode, Paulina Rincon Delgadillo, Paul Nealey and Roel Gronheid
1A.3 Pattern Transfer of Block Copolymer Template from Density Multiplication on Chemically Patterned Surface Guoliang Liu, Ricardo Ruiz, Elizabeth Dobisz, Kanaiyalal Patel, Paul F. Nealey and Thomas Albrecht
1A.4 Spatial-Frequency Doubling Below the Block Copolymer Period by Templated Self-Assembly Amir Tavakkoli K. G., Kevin Gotrik, Adam Floyd Hannon, Jae-Byum Chang, Sam Nicaise, Caroline Ross and Karl K. Berggren
1B Nanoimprint I  
1B.1 Combining nanoimprint lithography and a molecular weight selective thermal reflow for the generation of mixed 3-D structures Arne Schleunitz, Christian Spreu, Hakan Atasoy, Marko Vogler and Helmut Schift
1B.2 Roll Diameter Amplification Method using Direct Transfer of Fine Patterned Small Roll Mold Fabricated by Electron Beam Lithography Jun Taniguchi, Noriyuki Unno and Hiroki Maruyama
1B.3 Digital Planar Holograms fabricated by Step and Repeat UV nanoimprint lithography Christophe Peroz, Scott Dhuey, Alexander Goltsov, Bruce Harteneck, Igor Ivonin, Deirdre Olynick, Stefano Cabrini, Sergey Babin and Vladimir Yankov
1B.4 Mapping Resist Flow into Nanoscale Channels during Nanoimprint Lithography HYUN WOOK RO, BULENT AKGUN, SUSHIL SATIJA and CHRISTOPHER SOLES
1C Emerging Technologies I  
1C.1 Fabrication of Nanopores using a Helium Ion Microscope Colin Sanford, David Ferranti, Lewis Stern, Jijin Yang, Jason Huang and Adam Hall
1C.2 3D Fabrication by Stacking Pre-patterned, Rigidly-held Membranes Amil Patel, Corey Fucetola, Euclid Moon and Henry Smith
1C.3 Fabrication of Nanoparticles Deposited Photonic Crystals Jingyu zhang
1C.4 A Novel Low Energy Electron Imaging Technique for DNA Sequencing and Surface Analysis Marian Mankos

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