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IDSession NameStart Date & TimeEnd Date & TimeSession TypeSpeakersVenue
01-Plenary 1Breaking through the scaling boundaries, key for a sustainable society5/29/2013 8:30am5/29/2013 9:15amPlenary SessionJo De BoeckTennessee Ballroom
01-Plenary 2Nanotechnology Convergence for IT, ET, and BTs5/29/2013 9:15am5/29/2013 10:00amPlenary SessionJongmin KimTennessee Ballroom
01-Plenary 3Designing Bio-inorganic Nanomaterials for Ultrasensitive Biosensing5/29/2013 10:30am5/29/2013 11:15amPlenary SessionMolly StevensTennessee Ballroom
01-Plenary 4Single Molecule and Single Cell Sensing with Nanomechanical Systems5/29/2013 11:15am5/29/2013 12:00noonPlenary SessionMichael RoukesTennessee Ballroom
1A-1Proof of 50keV Electron Multi-Beam Writing at 0.1nm Address Grid (Invited)5/29/2013 2:30pm5/29/2013 3:00pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Hans LoeschnerTennessee Ballroom A/B
1A-2Optically Actuated Nanostructured Electron-Emitter Arrays5/29/2013 3:00pm5/29/2013 3:20pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Richard HobbsTennessee Ballroom A/B
1A-3Image distortion in REBL system: the correctable and the residual5/29/2013 3:20pm5/29/2013 3:40pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Sameet ShriyanTennessee Ballroom A/B
1A-4Low-Energy Electron Diffractive Imaging Based on a Single-Atom Electron Source5/29/2013 3:40pm5/29/2013 4:00pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Ing-Shouh HwangTennessee Ballroom A/B
1A-5Shaped and multiple electron beams from a single thermionic cathode5/29/2013 4:00pm5/29/2013 4:20pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Mehran Vahdani MoghaddamTennessee Ballroom A/B
1A-6High throughput scanning electron microscopes with MEMS-based multi-beam optics5/29/2013 4:20pm5/29/2013 4:40pmSession 1A - Electron Beam 1Pieter KruitTennessee Ballroom A/B
1B-1Multifunctional Nanostructured Materials: Blurring the Lines between Optical Interfaces (Invited)5/29/2013 2:30pm5/29/2013 3:00pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1Chih-Hao ChangTennessee Ballroom C
1B-2Hydrogen Silsesquioxane As A Resist And Material Of Choice In Fabricating Plasmonic Antennas5/29/2013 3:00pm5/29/2013 3:20pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1Joel YangTennessee Ballroom C
1B-3Reaching theoretical resonance quality factor limit in coaxial plasmonic nano resonators fabricated by Helium Ion Microscope5/29/2013 3:20pm5/29/2013 3:40pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1Mauro MelliTennessee Ballroom C
1B-4Moving Towards Structural Color Display: Angle Insensitive Structural Colors Based on Metallic Gratings and Color Pixels beyond the Diffraction Limit5/29/2013 3:40pm5/29/2013 4:00pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1Cheng ZhangTennessee Ballroom C
1B-5Double External Quantum Efficiency/Light Extraction and Widen Viewing Angle of Organic Light-Emitting Diodes with New Plasmonic Cavity with Subwavelength Hole Array (PlaCSH)5/29/2013 4:00pm5/29/2013 4:20pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1Wei DingTennessee Ballroom C
1B-6Direct write and nanoprinting for plasmon resonance color filters (Invited)5/29/2013 4:20pm5/29/2013 4:50pmSession 1B - Nanophotonics 1David CummingTennessee Ballroom C
1C-1NGL for NGL: Next Generation Lithography for Next Generation Logic (Invited), 5/29/2013 2:30pm5/29/2013 3:00pmSession 1C - EUV 1Yan BorodovskyTennessee Ballroom D/E
1C-2Efficient Packaged Zoneplates for EUV Instruments5/29/2013 3:00pm5/29/2013 3:20pmSession 1C - EUV 1Erik AndersonTennessee Ballroom D/E
1C-3Continuous and Stochastic effects for 2D structures in EUV Lithography5/29/2013 3:20pm5/29/2013 3:40pmSession 1C - EUV 1Alessandro Vaglio PretTennessee Ballroom D/E
1C-4Phase Defect Characterization on an EUV Blank Mask using Micro Coherent EUV Scatterometry Microscope5/29/2013 3:40pm5/29/2013 4:00pmSession 1C - EUV 1Tetsuo HaradaTennessee Ballroom D/E
1C-5EUV Bessel beam lithography5/29/2013 4:00pm5/29/2013 4:20pmSession 1C - EUV 1Li WangTennessee Ballroom D/E
1C-6EUV Lithography and 3D IC (Invited)5/29/2013 4:20pm5/29/2013 4:50pmSession 1C - EUV 1Banqiu WuTennessee Ballroom D/E
2A-1Nanofabricated Silicon Devices: From Nanosensors to Medical Implants  (Invited)5/30/2013 8:10am5/30/2013 8:40amSession 2A - Nanostructures 1Axel SchererTennessee Ballroom A/B
2A-2Soft- and near-field lithography on glass hemisphere surface for spherical zone plates5/30/2013 8:40am5/30/2013 9:00amSession 2A - Nanostructures 1Bing-Rui LuTennessee Ballroom A/B
2A-3Fabrication of hierarchical nanostructures using free-standing tri-layer membrane5/30/2013 9:00am5/30/2013 9:20amSession 2A - Nanostructures 1Ke DuTennessee Ballroom A/B
2A-4Out-of-plane nanofabrication using evaporated electron beam resist5/30/2013 9:20am5/30/2013 9:40amSession 2A - Nanostructures 1Sondos AlqarniTennessee Ballroom A/B
2A-5Free-standing nanoscale mechanical and photonic devices fabricated in single-crystal diamond5/30/2013 9:40am5/30/2013 10:00amSession 2A - Nanostructures 1Michael BurekTennessee Ballroom A/B
2B-1HfC(310) high brightness sources for advanced imaging applications (Invited)5/30/2013 8:10am5/30/2013 8:40amSession 2B - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 1Willilam MackieTennessee Ballroom C
2B-2Fabrication and Modification of Carbon Nanomembranes (CNMs) by Helium Ion Lithography5/30/2013 8:40am5/30/2013 9:00amSession 2B - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 1Xianghui ZhangTennessee Ballroom C
2B-3Understanding Nanomachining in Gold Substrates5/30/2013 9:00am5/30/2013 9:20amSession 2B - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 1Kate L. KleinTennessee Ballroom C
2B-4Development of a low energy neutral particle printer for atomically precise patterning of desorption resists5/30/2013 9:20am5/30/2013 9:40amSession 2B - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 1Hong-Jie GuoTennessee Ballroom C
2B-5Visualizing the Interaction Volume of Helium Ions in Hydrogen Silsesquioxane5/30/2013 9:40am5/30/2013 10:00amSession 2B - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 1Jingxuan CaiTennessee Ballroom C
2C-1Non Equilibrium Block Copolymer Directed Self Assembly. Multiblocks, Solvents, and Thick Films (Invited)5/30/2013 8:10am5/30/2013 8:40amSession 2C - ModelingJuan de PabloTennessee Ballroom D/E
2C-2Study of multilayer systems in electron beam lithography5/30/2013 8:40am5/30/2013 9:00amSession 2C - ModelingRobert F. PetersTennessee Ballroom D/E
2C-3Off Axis Modeling and Measurement of Emission Parameters for the Schottky Emitter5/30/2013 9:00am5/30/2013 9:20amSession 2C - ModelingSean KelloggTennessee Ballroom D/E
2C-4Simulation of dose variation and charging due to fogging in electron beam lithography5/30/2013 9:20am5/30/2013 9:40amSession 2C - ModelingSergey BabinTennessee Ballroom D/E
2C-5Simulation Study on Template Releasing Process in Nanoimprint Lithography5/30/2013 9:40am5/30/2013 10:00amSession 2C - ModelingTakahiro ShiotsuTennessee Ballroom D/E
3A-1Infrared nanospectroscopy meets FIB and TEM (Invited)5/30/2013 10:20am5/30/2013 10:50amSession 3A - Novel imaging/metrologyRainer HillenbrandTennessee Ballroom A/B
3A-2Modulus Mapping in High Resolution Patterned Features5/30/2013 10:50am5/30/2013 11:10amSession 3A - Novel imaging/metrologyPrashant K. KulshreshthaTennessee Ballroom A/B
3A-3Combined SIMS-SPM instrument for high sensitivity and high resolution elemental 3D analysis5/30/2013 11:10am5/30/2013 11:30amSession 3A - Novel imaging/metrologyYves FlemingTennessee Ballroom A/B
3A-4Process Monitoring of an Electron Beam Lithography Process for Silicon Photonics in a University Facility5/30/2013 11:30am5/30/2013 11:50amSession 3A - Novel imaging/metrologyRichard BojkoTennessee Ballroom A/B
3A-5Towards SIMS on the Helium Ion Microscope: detection limits and experimental results on the ORION5/30/2013 11:50am5/30/2013 12:10pmSession 3A - Novel imaging/metrologyDavid DowsettTennessee Ballroom A/B
3B-1Nanochemistry in Chemically Amplified Resists Used for Extreme Ultraviolet Lithography (Invited)5/30/2013 10:20am5/30/2013 10:50amSession 3B - ResistsTakahiro KozawaTennessee Ballroom C
3B-2Contamination Mitigation from Salty HSQ Development for Nanoscale CMOS Device Patterning5/30/2013 10:50am5/30/2013 11:10amSession 3B - ResistsMarkus BrinkTennessee Ballroom C
3B-3Methods for Controlled Polymerization in Negative Tone Resists5/30/2013 11:10am5/30/2013 11:30amSession 3B - ResistsRichard A. LawsonTennessee Ballroom C
3B-4Negative-Tone Chemically-Amplified for Sub-20nm Lithography5/30/2013 11:30am5/30/2013 11:50amSession 3B - ResistsPrashant K. KulshreshthaTennessee Ballroom C
3B-5Nanoparticle Photoresists: Highly Sensitive EUV Resists with a New Patterning Mechanism (Invited)5/30/2013 11:50am5/30/2013 12:20pmSession 3B - ResistsMarie KrysakTennessee Ballroom C
3C-1MEMRISTIVE NANODEVICES: MECHANISMS, PROMISES AND CHALLENGES (Invited)5/30/2013 10:20am5/30/2013 10:50amSession 3C - Nanoelectronics 1J. Joshua YangTennessee Ballroom D/E
3C-2Integration of Planar Memristors with CMOS for Hybrid Circuits5/30/2013 10:50am5/30/2013 11:10amSession 3C - Nanoelectronics 1Peng LinTennessee Ballroom D/E
3C-3Fabrication of 18 nm split-gate charge trap memories by hybrid lithography (e-beam/DUV)5/30/2013 11:10am5/30/2013 11:30amSession 3C - Nanoelectronics 1Sebastien Pauliac-VaujourTennessee Ballroom D/E
3C-4Improved Switching Uniformity for TiO2/HfO2 Bi-layer Memristive Devices5/30/2013 11:30am5/30/2013 11:50amSession 3C - Nanoelectronics 1Hao JiangTennessee Ballroom D/E
3C-5Si MOSFET with a Nanoscale Void Channel (Invited)5/30/2013 11:50am5/30/2013 12:20pmSession 3C - Nanoelectronics 1Hong Koo KimTennessee Ballroom D/E
4A-1Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography for nanophotonics in applications (Invited)5/30/2013 1:30pm5/30/2013 2:00pmSession 4A - Nanoimprint 1Marc VerschuurenTennessee Ballroom A/B
4A-2Fabrication of Plasmonic-enhanced Nanostructured Electron Source (PNE) Using Epitaxial Lift-off and Nanoimprint Lithography5/30/2013 2:00pm5/30/2013 2:20pmSession 4A - Nanoimprint 1Yixing LiangTennessee Ballroom A/B
4A-3Thermally-Modulated Alignment for Nanoimprinting5/30/2013 2:20pm5/30/2013 2:40pmSession 4A - Nanoimprint 1Euclid MoonTennessee Ballroom A/B
4A-4Effects of Fluorosurfactants on Antisticking Layer Resistance in Repeated UV Nanoimprint5/30/2013 2:40pm5/30/2013 3:00pmSession 4A - Nanoimprint 1Shuso IyoshiTennessee Ballroom A/B
4A-5Sub-30 nm Roller Nanoimprint Lithography Using Flexible Hybrid Molds and Applications to Large-Area High-Performance Nanoplasmonic Sensors and Solar Cells5/30/2013 3:00pm5/30/2013 3:20pmSession 4A - Nanoimprint 1Qi ZhangTennessee Ballroom A/B
4B-1Diamond based Micro and Nano Systems (Invited)5/30/2013 1:30pm5/30/2013 2:00pmSession 4B - Carbon-based devices/systemsAnirudha SumantTennessee Ballroom C
4B-2Analog and digital flexible nanoelectronics fabricated from advanced 2D nanomaterials5/30/2013 2:00pm5/30/2013 2:20pmSession 4B - Carbon-based devices/systemsLi TaoTennessee Ballroom C
4B-3Morphological characterization of metallic nano-structures evaporated through stencil on graphene5/30/2013 2:20pm5/30/2013 2:40pmSession 4B - Carbon-based devices/systemsVeronica SavuTennessee Ballroom C
4B-4Graphene Field-Effect Transistors with Gigahertz-Frequency Power Gain on Flexible Substrates5/30/2013 2:40pm5/30/2013 3:00pmSession 4B - Carbon-based devices/systemsNicholas PetroneTennessee Ballroom C
4B-5High-resolution Nanopatterning of Graphene Using Direct Helium Ion Beam Milling5/30/2013 3:00pm5/30/2013 3:20pmSession 4B - Carbon-based devices/systemsAhmad AbbasTennessee Ballroom C
4C-1Chemical Assisted Etching with Ne+ & He+ (GFIS) FIB -A Study of Nanomachining Properties for O2 and XeF2 (Invited)5/30/2013 1:30pm5/30/2013 2:00pmSession 4C - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 2Rick LivengoodTennessee Ballroom D/E
4C-2First focused ion beam images using a novel electron impact gas ion source5/30/2013 2:00pm5/30/2013 2:20pmSession 4C - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 2David JunTennessee Ballroom D/E
4C-3A laser-cooled atomic beam for application in high resolution FIB5/30/2013 2:20pm5/30/2013 2:40pmSession 4C - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 2S. H. W. WoutersTennessee Ballroom D/E
4C-4Progress Report on the Multi-Species Focused Ion Beam Lithography System and Its Applications5/30/2013 2:40pm5/30/2013 3:00pmSession 4C - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 2Sven BauerdickTennessee Ballroom D/E
4C-5Metal Depositions Induced by Helium and Neon Ion Beams5/30/2013 3:00pm5/30/2013 3:20pmSession 4C - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 2Huimeng WuTennessee Ballroom D/E
5A-1Directed Self-Assembling Lithography Process for High-Density Bit Patterned Magnetic Recording Media (Invited)5/30/2013 3:40pm5/30/2013 4:10pmSession 5A - Directed Self Assembly (DSA)/Self Assembly (SA) 1Akira KikitsuTennessee Ballroom A/B
5A-2Rule-Based Directed Self-Assembly of Circuit-Like Block-Copolymer Patterns5/30/2013 4:10pm5/30/2013 4:40pmSession 5A - Directed Self Assembly (DSA)/Self Assembly (SA) 1Jae-Byum ChangTennessee Ballroom A/B
5A-3Directed Self-Assembly of Ternary Blends of Block Copolymer and Homopolymers on Chemical Patterns5/30/2013 4:40pm5/30/2013 5:00pmSession 5A - Directed Self Assembly (DSA)/Self Assembly (SA) 1Ling-Shu WanTennessee Ballroom A/B
5A-4Sacrificial Post Templating Method for Block Copolymer Self-Assembly5/30/2013 5:00pm5/30/2013 5:20pmSession 5A - Directed Self Assembly (DSA)/Self Assembly (SA) 1Amir Tavakkoli K. G.Tennessee Ballroom A/B
5A-5Fabrication of Hierarchical Three-Dimensional Nanostructures Using Template-Directed Assembly of Colloidal Particles5/30/2013 5:20pm5/30/2013 5:40pmSession 5A - Directed Self Assembly (DSA)/Self Assembly (SA) 1Jonathan ElekTennessee Ballroom A/B
5B-1Label-Free Cell Screening  (Invited)5/30/2013 3:40pm5/30/2013 4:10pmSession 5B - Nanobiology/fluidicLydia SohnTennessee Ballroom C
5B-2Fabrication and Demonstration of Ultra-sensitive and Fast Immunoassay Platform With 3D Nanoplasmonic Cavity Antenna and Microfluidics Using Nanoimprint5/30/2013 4:10pm5/30/2013 4:40pmSession 5B - Nanobiology/fluidicRuoming PengTennessee Ballroom C
5B-3Nanowire-Based Electrode for Neural Recordings in the Brain5/30/2013 4:40pm5/30/2013 5:00pmSession 5B - Nanobiology/fluidicDmitry SuyatinTennessee Ballroom C
5B-4Ionic Transportation through DNA-based Nanochannels5/30/2013 5:00pm5/30/2013 5:20pmSession 5B - Nanobiology/fluidicPaul BertaniTennessee Ballroom C
5B-5Targeted nanopatterning for medical applications (Invited)5/30/2013 5:20pm5/30/2013 5:50pmSession 5B - Nanobiology/fluidicNikolaj GadegaardTennessee Ballroom C
5C-1Silicon Carbide Nanoelectromechanical Systems and Nanomechanical Logic (Invited)5/30/2013 3:40pm5/30/2013 4:10pmSession 5C - Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 1Philip FengTennessee Ballroom D/E
5C-2Design and Fabrication of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Based Nanoelectromechanical Switches5/30/2013 4:10pm5/30/2013 4:40pmSession 5C - Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 1Kenneth Perez QuinteroTennessee Ballroom D/E
5C-3Towards an RF Planar Waveguide Electron LINAC5/30/2013 4:40pm5/30/2013 5:00pmSession 5C - Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 1JuneHo HwangTennessee Ballroom D/E
5C-4Tunability of silicon carbide resonators with electrothermal actuation and piezoelectric readout5/30/2013 5:00pm5/30/2013 5:20pmSession 5C - Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 1Enrico MastropaoloTennessee Ballroom D/E
5C-5Micromachined stylus ion traps through high aspect ratio lithography and electrochemical deposition5/30/2013 5:20pm5/30/2013 5:40pmSession 5C - Microelectromechanical Systems (MEMS) 1Christian ArringtonTennessee Ballroom D/E
6A-1Determining the range and intensity of backscattered electrons from the substrate density and atomic number (Invited)5/31/2013 8:10am5/31/2013 8:40amSession 6A - Electron Beam 2David CzaplewskiTennessee Ballroom A/B
6A-2Design of ring-cathode focused electron beam columns5/31/2013 8:40am5/31/2013 9:00amSession 6A - Electron Beam 2Anjam KhursheedTennessee Ballroom A/B
6A-3Dual Layer Negative Tone Metal Liftoff Electron Beam Lithography process for nanometer scale Plasmonic and Photonic devices5/31/2013 9:00am5/31/2013 9:20amSession 6A - Electron Beam 2Yao-Te ChengTennessee Ballroom A/B
6A-4Fabrication of a rotation corrector for electron multi beam array micro-lenses5/31/2013 9:20am5/31/2013 9:40amSession 6A - Electron Beam 2Aernout Christiaan ZonnevylleTennessee Ballroom A/B
6A-5Liquid-phase electron-beam-induced-deposition on bulk substrates without liquid cells5/31/2013 9:40am5/31/2013 10:00amSession 6A - Electron Beam 2Matthew BresinTennessee Ballroom A/B
6B-1Active Cantilever-free Scanning Probe Lithography (Invited)5/31/2013 8:10am5/31/2013 8:40amSession 6B - Tip-based ProcessingKeith A. BrownTennessee Ballroom C
6B-2Fabricating arbitrary silicon nanostructures using thermal dip pen nanolithography (tDPN)5/31/2013 8:40am5/31/2013 9:00amSession 6B - Tip-based ProcessingHuan HuTennessee Ballroom C
6B-3Mix&Match Electron Beam and Scanning Probe Lithography for sub-5 nm Patterning5/31/2013 9:00am5/31/2013 9:20amSession 6B - Tip-based ProcessingMarcus KaestnerTennessee Ballroom C
6B-4Multi-spot-size vector writing approach to atomically precise H depassivation lithography5/31/2013 9:20am5/31/2013 9:40amSession 6B - Tip-based ProcessingJames OwenTennessee Ballroom C
6B-5Mesoscopic Electronic Devices Fabricated using Atomic Force Lithography5/31/2013 9:40am5/31/2013 10:00amSession 6B - Tip-based ProcessingRudzani NemutudiTennessee Ballroom C
6C-1All-angle Negative Refraction and Active Flat Lensing in the Ultraviolet  (Invited)5/31/2013 8:10am5/31/2013 8:40amSession 6C - Nanophotonics 2Henri LezecTennessee Ballroom D/E
6C-2Ultrathin, High-Efficiency, Broad-Band, Omni-Acceptance Organic Solar Cells Using New Plasmonic Cavity with Subwavelength Hole Array5/31/2013 8:40am5/31/2013 9:00amSession 6C - Nanophotonics 2Stephen ChouTennessee Ballroom D/E
6C-3Freestanding Photonic Crystals in Lithium Niobate5/31/2013 9:00am5/31/2013 9:20amSession 6C - Nanophotonics 2Reinhard GeissTennessee Ballroom D/E
6C-4Optimization of Electron Beam Patterned HSQ Mask Edge Roughness for Low-Loss Silicon Waveguides5/31/2013 9:20am5/31/2013 9:40amSession 6C - Nanophotonics 2Michael WoodTennessee Ballroom D/E
6C-5A lab-on-a-chip with 30 nm nanochannels and plasmonic bowtie nanoantenna5/31/2013 9:40am5/31/2013 10:00amSession 6C - Nanophotonics 2Irene Fernandez-CuestaTennessee Ballroom D/E
7A-1Controlled bottom-up assembly of functional molecules: From wires to networks (Invited)5/31/2013 10:20am5/31/2013 10:50amSession 7A - Emerging TechnologiesChristophe NacciTennessee Ballroom A/B
7A-23 D Nanostructures via Aligned Stacking of Pre-patterned Membranes5/31/2013 10:50am5/31/2013 11:10amSession 7A - Emerging TechnologiesCorey FucetolaTennessee Ballroom A/B
7A-3Nanograting–Mediated Growth of Bismuth Selenide Topological Insulator Nanoribbons5/31/2013 11:10am5/31/2013 11:30amSession 7A - Emerging TechnologiesSungjin WiTennessee Ballroom A/B
7A-4Optoelectronic Devices on-Fiber Enabled by Micro-Assembly Process Using Polydimethylsiloxane Probes5/31/2013 11:30am5/31/2013 11:50amSession 7A - Emerging TechnologiesXiaolong HuTennessee Ballroom A/B
7A-5The nano-optics of plasmonic optical tweezers, SERS substrates and multi-colored silicon nanowires (Invited)5/31/2013 11:50am5/31/2013 12:20pmSession 7A - Emerging TechnologiesKenneth CrozierTennessee Ballroom A/B
7B-1MAPPER progress towards a High Volume Manufacturing EBDW system  (Invited)5/31/2013 10:20am5/31/2013 10:50amSession 7B - Maskless LithographyPieter KruitTennessee Ballroom C
7B-2Nanoengineered charge-drain film for electron-optical MEMS in the REBL E-beam column5/31/2013 10:50am5/31/2013 11:10amSession 7B - Maskless LithographyWilliam TongTennessee Ballroom C
7B-3Patterning via Optical Saturable Transformations via Solubility Rate Difference5/31/2013 11:10am5/31/2013 11:30amSession 7B - Maskless LithographyPrecious CantuTennessee Ballroom C
7B-4Optical patterning of features with spacing below the far-field diffraction limit using absorbance modulation5/31/2013 11:30am5/31/2013 11:50amSession 7B - Maskless LithographyFarhana MasidTennessee Ballroom C
7B-5Direct laser writing: Finer, faster and more flexible5/31/2013 11:50am5/31/2013 12:10pmSession 7B - Maskless LithographyErik WallerTennessee Ballroom C
7C-1Field Effect Transistor Performance of Hydrothermal ZnO Nanowires (Invited)5/31/2013 10:20am5/31/2013 10:50amSession 7C - Nanostructures 2Natalie PlankTennessee Ballroom D/E
7C-2Fabrication of Periodic Hollow-Shell Nano-Volcano Arrays for Particle Trapping5/31/2013 10:50am5/31/2013 11:10amSession 7C - Nanostructures 2Xu ZhangTennessee Ballroom D/E
7C-3Fabrication of single-crystal diamond nano-slabs for photonic applications5/31/2013 11:10am5/31/2013 11:30amSession 7C - Nanostructures 2Luozhou LiTennessee Ballroom D/E
7C-4Nanofabrication of high aspect ratio structures using evaporated polystyrene resist containing metal5/31/2013 11:30am5/31/2013 11:50amSession 7C - Nanostructures 2Celal ConTennessee Ballroom D/E
7C-5Enabling High Performance Detectors and Optics for Astronomy and Planetary Exploration with PEALD (Invited)5/31/2013 11:50am5/31/2013 12:20pmSession 7C - Nanostructures 2April JewellTennessee Ballroom D/E
8A-1Defect Management of EUV Masks: Progress and Outlook (Invited)5/31/2013 1:30pm5/31/2013 2:00pmSession 8A - EUV 2Anthony YenTennessee Ballroom A/B
8A-2Single-digit patterning using EUV light5/31/2013 2:00pm5/31/2013 2:20pmSession 8A - EUV 2Li WangTennessee Ballroom A/B
8A-3Stochastic Exposure Kinetics of EUV Photoresists: A Simulation Study5/31/2013 2:20pm5/31/2013 2:40pmSession 8A - EUV 2Chris MackTennessee Ballroom A/B
8A-4Periodic metallic structures fabricated by coherent Talbot lithography in a table top system5/31/2013 2:40pm5/31/2013 3:00pmSession 8A - EUV 2Wei LiTennessee Ballroom A/B
8A-5Unveiling success rate of defect mitigation by experiment with EUV Actinic Blank Inspection Prototype for 16 nm hp5/31/2013 3:00pm5/31/2013 3:20pmSession 8A - EUV 2Tetsunori MurachiTennessee Ballroom A/B
8B-18” and 12” wafer scale Nano Imprint Lithography: from process control to optical functions (Invited)5/31/2013 1:30pm5/31/2013 2:00pmSession 8B - Nanoimprint 2Stefan LandisTennessee Ballroom C
8B-2Polymer filling behaviors with imprinting velocity in NIL5/31/2013 2:00pm5/31/2013 2:20pmSession 8B - Nanoimprint 2JiHyeong RyuTennessee Ballroom C
8B-3Novel Ordered Hetero Junction Organic Photovoltaics (OHJ-OPV) Novel Ordered Hetero Junction Organic Photovoltaics (OHJ-OPV) by multi-layered direct nanoimprint using buli-in electrode mold5/31/2013 2:20pm5/31/2013 2:40pmSession 8B - Nanoimprint 2Kohei TomohiroTennessee Ballroom C
8B-4Fabrication of Large-area Flexible Roll-to-Roll Nanoimprint Molds with Sub-100nm Features Using Step-and-Repeat Duplication, Bonding and Lift-off5/31/2013 2:40pm5/31/2013 3:00pmSession 8B - Nanoimprint 2Hao ChenTennessee Ballroom C
8B-5Accuracy of Wafer Level Alignment with Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography5/31/2013 3:00pm5/31/2013 3:20pmSession 8B - Nanoimprint 2Robert FaderTennessee Ballroom C
8C-1Ionic memory and the future of the semiconductor industry (Invited)5/31/2013 1:30pm5/31/2013 2:00pmSession 8C - NanoelectronicsMichael KozickiTennessee Ballroom D/E
8C-2Transfer-Printing of Prepatterned Semiconducting Few-Layer-Molybdenum Disulfide Structures for Electronic Applications5/31/2013 2:00pm5/31/2013 2:20pmSession 8C - NanoelectronicsHongsuk NamTennessee Ballroom D/E
8C-3Voltage Dependent Electroforming of TiO2-based Memristive Devices5/31/2013 2:20pm5/31/2013 2:40pmSession 8C - NanoelectronicsHao JiangTennessee Ballroom D/E
8C-4GaN/AlN Double Barrier Nanowire Resonant Tunneling Diodes5/31/2013 2:40pm5/31/2013 3:00pmSession 8C - NanoelectronicsYe ShaoTennessee Ballroom D/E
8C-5Oxide Nanoelectronics On Demand5/31/2013 3:00pm5/31/2013 3:20pmSession 8C - NanoelectronicsGuanglei ChengTennessee Ballroom D/E
9A-1Extendability of LPP EUV source technology in kW average power and 6.x nm wavelength operation (Invited)5/31/2013 3:40pm5/31/2013 4:10pmSession 9A - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 3Akira EndoTennessee Ballroom A/B
9A-2Monte Carlo Simulations of Helium and Neon Ions Beam Induced Deposition5/31/2013 4:10pm5/31/2013 4:40pmSession 9A - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 3Rajendra TimilsinaTennessee Ballroom A/B
9A-3Patterning Plasmonic Nanostructures - Regimes of the Gallium Focused Ion Beam and Helium Ion Microscope5/31/2013 4:40pm5/31/2013 5:00pmSession 9A - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 3Hangfang HaoTennessee Ballroom A/B
9A-4Advances in Ion Beam micromachining for complex 3D microfluidics5/31/2013 5:00pm5/31/2013 5:20pmSession 9A - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 3Leonidas E. OcolaTennessee Ballroom A/B
9A-5Mechanical characteristics of the ultra-long horizontal free-space-nanowire grown by real-time feedback control on focused-ion-beam chemical vapor deposition5/31/2013 5:20pm5/31/2013 5:40pmSession 9A - Focused Ion Beam or Sources 3Dengji GuoTennessee Ballroom A/B
9B-1Sub-10 nm silicon nano-structures based on block copolymer lithography and high selectivity, cryogenic temperature dry etching (Invited)5/31/2013 3:40pm5/31/2013 4:10pmSession 9B - Directed Self Assembly/Self Assembly 2Deirdre OlynickTennessee Ballroom C
9B-2Thermodynamic origin of placement errors for contact holes created by directed self-assembly5/31/2013 4:10pm5/31/2013 4:40pmSession 9B - Directed Self Assembly/Self Assembly 2Sander WuisterTennessee Ballroom C
9B-3Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly Two-Hole Pattern inside Peanut-Shaped Templates5/31/2013 4:40pm5/31/2013 5:00pmSession 9B - Directed Self Assembly/Self Assembly 2He Yi and H.-S. Philip WongTennessee Ballroom C
9B-4DNA Origami: Prospects for Nanomanufacturing5/31/2013 5:00pm5/31/2013 5:20pmSession 9B - Directed Self Assembly/Self Assembly 2James A. LiddleTennessee Ballroom C
9B-5Ordered arrays of carbon nanotube segments by directed assembly5/31/2013 5:20pm5/31/2013 5:40pmSession 9B - Directed Self Assembly/Self Assembly 2Erika PenzoTennessee Ballroom C
9C-1Triboelectric Generators for Self-Powered Electronics (Invited)5/31/2013 3:40pm5/31/2013 4:10pmSession 9C - MEMSGuang ZhuTennessee Ballroom C
9C-2Optomechanical resonator fabrication with the surface plasmon antenna for the wavelength detection5/31/2013 4:10pm5/31/2013 4:40pmSession 9C - MEMSReo KometaniTennessee Ballroom C
9C-3Planar Electronic Picosecond Electron Pulser5/31/2013 4:40pm5/31/2013 5:00pmSession 9C - MEMSJuneHo HwangTennessee Ballroom C
9C-4Fabrication of neural probes for simultaneous in vivo optical stimulation and electrical recording in the brain5/31/2013 5:00pm5/31/2013 5:20pmSession 9C - MEMSMufaddal GheewalaTennessee Ballroom C
9C-5Fabrication of Complex Three-Dimensional Multilevel Silicon Micro- and Nano-Structures using High Energy Ion Irradiation5/31/2013 5:20pm5/31/2013 5:40pmSession 9C - MEMSSara AzimiTennessee Ballroom C
P01-01Plasmonic Nanogap Arrays Fabricated via Moiré Holographic Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyIshan WathuthanthriRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-02Application of Proton Beam Writing to a Direct Etching of PTFE for PDMS Replica Molding5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyHiroyuki NishikawaRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-03Ga+ Focused Ion Beam Micromachining of Thermoplastic Polymers5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyKa WongRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-04Prototype Active-Matrix Nanocrystalline Silicon Electron Emitter Array for Massively Parallel Direct-Write Electron Beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyNaokatsu IkegamiRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-05Advanced Maskless Grayscale Lithography using a new writing strategy to increase the number of grayscale levels5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyDominique ColleRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-06Maskless Subwavelength Nanopatterning Using Vortex Phase Plates and Absorbance Modulation5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyApratim MajumderRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-07Ion and Electron Beam Lithography in a Multifunctional Tool FIB/SEM with in-situ SPM5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyJaroslav JirušeRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-08Direct Ga and Si Ion Beam Lithography for Nanopore Fabrication with High Resolution and Reproducibility5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographySven BauerdickRyman Exhibit Hall
P01-09Lloyd’s Mirror Interferometer Using a Single-Mode Fiber Spatial Filter5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P01 - Focused Ion Beam or Maskless LithographyKuo-Chun TsengRyman Exhibit Hall
P02-01Control of stress in sputtered tantalum films for MEMS applications5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P02 - MEMSEnrico MastropaoloRyman Exhibit Hall
P02-02Improvement of Bonding Strength in Room Temperature Wafer Bonding using Surface Smoothing by Ne Beam5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P02 - MEMSYuichi KurashimaRyman Exhibit Hall
P02-03Optical microlithography on oblique surfaces via a novel diffractive phase mask5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P02 - MEMSPeng WangRyman Exhibit Hall
P03-01A method for dynamic parameterized shape reconstruction. Application to scatterometry5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P03 - Novel imagingSébastien SoulanRyman Exhibit Hall
P03-02Investigating effects of aerial image averaging and pupil plane filtering on line edge roughness (LER)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P03 - Novel imagingBurak BaylavRyman Exhibit Hall
P03-03Active-illumination parallel Raman/SERS imaging5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P03 - Novel imagingWei-Chuan ShihRyman Exhibit Hall
P04-01Theoretical study of the effects of substrate material refractive index on the optical transmission of nano-hole arrays5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P04 - ModelingMehrdad IrannejadRyman Exhibit Hall
P04-02Multi-Source, Complex Beamline Modeling Development in MICHELLE eBEAM5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P04 - ModelingSerguei OvtchinnikovRyman Exhibit Hall
P04-03Fluctuation Control of Measurement Interferometers: Application of algorithms to correct for local stage-motion induced pressure surges5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P04 - ModelingShane R. PalmerRyman Exhibit Hall
P04-04Detailed Molecular Dynamics Studies of Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly: Effect of Guiding Layer Properties on Block Copolymer Directed Self-Assembly5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P04 - ModelingAndrew PetersRyman Exhibit Hall
P04-05Pattern-integrated interference lithography: vector modeling of the single-exposure recording of integrated photonic-crystal structures5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P04 - ModelingMatthieu C. R. LeiboviciRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-01Parallel Auger Electron Analysis inside Scanning Electron Microscopes5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyK. H. CheongRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-02Measuring Field-Stitch Boundary Error of Electron Beam Lithography With X-ray Diffraction5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyAaron SteinRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-03CD Matching between CD-SEM and Scatterometry Metrology5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyYi SongRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-04Reconstructing Cross-Sectional Profiles from Top-View SEM Images Using Edge Fluctuation Characteristics5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyHiroshi FukudaRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-05Liquid-Immersion Lloyd’s Mirror Interference Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyAbhijeet BagalRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-06EUVL Aberration Metrology using Resist Images from a Strong Phase Shifting Mask5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyGermain FengerRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-07Defect-tracking For Nanoimprint Lithography Using Optical Surface Analyzer and Scanning Electron Microscope5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyZhaoning YuRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-08Abrasion Test for Antisticking Layer by Scanning Probe Microscopy5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyMakoto OkadaRyman Exhibit Hall
P05-09Atom-based Pitch and Length Standards5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P05 - NanometrologyKai LiRyman Exhibit Hall
P06-01Magnetic domain wall motion in permalloy wires with nanometer-scaled notches5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P06 - Patterned mediaT. C. ChenRyman Exhibit Hall
P06-02Magnetic patterning by oxygen reduction using low energy Helium irradiation5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P06 - Patterned mediaZhen ZhengRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-01Exploiting extreme coupling to realize a metamaterial perfect absorber (Invited)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsUwe HuebnerRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-02Pronounced Effects of Anisotropy on Plasmonic Properties of Nanorings Fabricated by Electron Beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsRachel NearRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-03Plasmonic Conductors for Organic Solar Cells5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsFernando E. CaminoRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-04SPR-based Surface-enhanced Raman Scattering for the Detection of Organophosphorus Pesticide5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsJie-Hui LiRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-05Nano-Rough Gold for Enhanced Raman Scattering5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsJeonghwan KimRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-06Surface-enhanced Raman Spectroscopy with monolithic, hierarchical nanoporous gold disk substrates5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsJi QiRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-07Infrared nanophotonics based on indium-tin-oxide nanorod array5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsShi-Qiang LiRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-08Triggering and monitoring plasmon enhanced reactions by optical nanoantennas coupled to photocatalytic beads5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsAdam SchwartzbergRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-092D and 3D Plasmonic Nanostars for Bio-sensing Applications - Single Molecule Detection5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsManohar ChirumamillaRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-10Tapered hyperbolic metamaterials for broadband absorption5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsAlex KaplanRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-11Advances on e-beam fabrication of photonic crystal membranes5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsJon Olav GrepstadRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-12Enhanced up-conversion luminescence in a microtubular optical resonator5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsJing ZhangRyman Exhibit Hall
P07-13A Light-driven Micro-motor Based on Angular Momentum Transfer through Subwavelength Grating Waveplates5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P07 - NanophotonicsZhouyang ZhuRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-01Defectivity and uniformity evaluation of block copolymer directed self-assembly for contact hole shrink 300mm-process5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SAMaxime ArgoudRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-02Patterning of Nanoparticles Using Electric Field Assisted Coffee Ring Effect5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SAJinhua MuRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-03PS-b-PHEMA: A Promising High ? Polymer for Directed Self-Assembly Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SAJing ChengRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-04Controlling the Morphology of Silver Nanoparticle Films formed by Laser-induced Deposition from Liquids5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SACarlos A. JarroRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-05Pattern Transfer from Directed PS-b-PMMA Films with Sub-25 nm Full Pitch5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SALei WanRyman Exhibit Hall
P08-06Directly-Photodefinable Guiding Layers: Enabling Simple 3-Step DSA Processes for Lithographic Patterning5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P08 - DSA/SAJing ChengRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-01Mm^2 size arrays of metal nano-particles for solar cell applications fabricated by Electron Beam Lithography (EBL)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsMartin GreveRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-02Print based estimation of probe size distribution in electron beam lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsAnanthan RaghunathanRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-03Low line edge roughness patterning with Character Projection EB Lithography for Photonic Devices5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsMasaki KurokawaRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-04A Multiple electron beam wafer inspection system design using permanent magnetic lens arrays5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsTao LuoRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-05Small-Pitch Electron Diffraction Holograms Patterned on Inorganic Resist with Electron Beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsTyler HarveyRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-06Dependency Analysis of Line Edge Roughness in Electron-beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsXinyu ZhaoRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-07Analytic Model of Line Edge Roughness from Stochastic Exposure Distribution in Electron-beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsRui GuoRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-08Synthesis of metal nanoparticles in polymeric films induced by electron beam5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsHiroki YamamotoRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-09A Fast Path-based Method for 3-D Resist Development Simulation in Electron-beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsQing DaiRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-10Influence of EUV mask structure on electron trajectories5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsSusumu IidaRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-11Fabrication of Gold Bowtie Nano-antenna by E-beam Lithography on Si3N4 Membrane for SERS5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsJian ZhangRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-12Electron beam optimization using self-developing resist for large write-field electron beam lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsRipon Kumar DeyRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-13Write-field alignment optimization using self-developing electron beam resist5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsRipon Kumar DeyRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-14Dot-Matrix Marks for Dynamic Overlay Measurements in Electron Beam Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsErnst KratschmerRyman Exhibit Hall
P09-15Hexagonal three-dimensional plasmonic nanoantenna arrays 5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P09 - Electron BeamsXX XiaRyman Exhibit Hall
P10-01Impact of pattern profile on surface plasmon polaritons in computational lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P10 - Emerging TechnologiesSang-Kon KimRyman Exhibit Hall
P10-02Enhanced purity via laser assisted electron beam induced deposition of tungsten5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P10 - Emerging TechnologiesNicholas A. RobertsRyman Exhibit Hall
P10-03Forward sputtering of thin films using focused helium ion beam5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P10 - Emerging TechnologiesPeiyan YangRyman Exhibit Hall
P10-04In-situ Microfluidics using a Liquid Injector for the Study of Beam Induced and Dynamic Processes5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P10 - Emerging TechnologiesAurelien BotmanRyman Exhibit Hall
P10-05Changing to TiOx Based Nanostructured Catalyst Support Materials for PEM Fuel Cells Utilizing ALD and PEALD5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P10 - Emerging TechnologiesRichard PhillipsRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-01Analysis and understanding the regrowth of Multi-walled carbon nanotube forests5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsDaewoong JungRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-02Effect of thickness of the catalyst film and the hydrogen gas on the spin-capability of a MWCNT forest5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsDaewoong JungRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-03Tracking the Movement of Carbon Nanotubes during Dielectrophoretic Deposition5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsAli Kashefian NaieniRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-04Correlation between Electron-Irradiation Effect and Stress in Carbon Nanotubes: Molecular Dynamics Study5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsYoshinori ChiharaRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-05Control of carbon nanofibers configuration on glassy carbon by two-step ion beam irradiation method5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsJun TaniguchiRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-06Laser Induced Structural Damage to Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes in a Controlled-Pressure Environment5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsAmir KhoshamanRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-07Fabrication of hundreds of field effect transistors on a single carbon nanotube for basic studies and molecular devices5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsXian ZhangRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-08High Temperature Gradient in a Conductor: Carbon Nanotube Forest under the “Heat Trap” Condition5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsMike ChangRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-09Nano-structure Modified Thin-Film Paper Energy Storage Device5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsNaga KoriviRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-10Study of optical anisotropy property to rapidly characterize structural qualities of CVD prepared graphene films5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsYu-Lun LiuRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-11Graphene-based Broadband THz Modulators 5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsHaidong ZhangRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-12High yield fabrication of graphene resonators array with poly-Si sacrificial layer5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsTao ChenRyman Exhibit Hall
P11-13A Model for Nano-manufactured Electrodes utilizing Vertical Carbon Nanotubes5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P11 - Carbon-based devices/systemsAlokik KanwaRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-01Fabrication of Electronic Fabry-Perot Interferometer in the Quantum Hall Regime5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsSanghun AnRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-03Fabrication of p-type Silicon Nanowires for 3D FETs Using Focused Ion Beam5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsMarcos Vinicius Puydinger dos SantosRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-04Crossbar Arrays of Sub-10 nm Memristive Devices Fabricated with Nanoimprint Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsShuang PiRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-05Continuous and Scalable Fabrication of Functional films via Vibrational Indentation Patterning and Photo Roll Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsJong G. OkRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-06Low Temperature Electrical and Optical Characterization of Lithographically-Defined Au Microchannels on an Elastomeric Substrate5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsFirouzeh SabriRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-07Electromagnetically Induced Transparency in Au:VO2 Nanoparticles5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsChristina McGahanRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-08Low-power Resistive Switching in Ultra-smooth Native AlOx Thin Films Fabricated by Template Stripping5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsHao JiangRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-09Ultralow Voltage Resistive Switching in Ultrathin Silicon Oxide5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsCan LiRyman Exhibit Hall
P12-10Fabrication of organic MESFET device by dual-layer thermal nanoimprint5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P12 - NanoelectronicsYunbum JungRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-01The five whys (and one h) of super hydrophobic surfaces in medicine  (Invited)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyFrancesco GentileRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-02Approach to an on-chip 3D neural-network in a hydrogel based bioreactor5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyBart SchurinkRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-03Electro-Active Single Mode Integrated Optical Waveguide Application in Spectroelectrochemistry5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyXue HanRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-04Roll-to-Roll Hot Embossing of Micron and Nanoscale Structures for the Fabrication of Plastic Devices5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyGerald KreindlRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-05Cryogenic imaging of biological specimens using Helium Ion Microscope5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyJing GuRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-06An Innovative EBL Writing Strategy for High Speed and Precision Lithography of Large Circle Arrays for Microfiltration and Photonics in Solar Cells5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyKevin E. BurchamRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-07Bifunctional Nanoarrays for Probing the Immune Response at the Single-Molecule Level5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyHaogang CaiRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-08Large scale fabrication scheme for all-polymer multilevel nano-microfluidic Lab-on-Chip (LoC) systems: the PolyNano approach5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyMarco MatteucciRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-09Influence of Engineered Surface on Cell Motility and Directionality5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyQ. Y. TangRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-10Application of EBL fabricated nanostructured substrates for SERS detection of protein A in aqueous solution5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyLuis Gutierrez-RiveraRyman Exhibit Hall
P13-11Microfilters with Nanotopography for Isolation of Circulating Tumor Cell from Blood5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P13 - NanobiologyOlga MakarovaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-01Fabrication of Polymer Structures with Undercuts by Reverse Imprint Lithography (Invited)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintAndreas FinnRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-02The Effect of Improved Hardness using Polyurethane Acrylate in Replica Mold for Substrate Conformal Imprint Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintGeehong KimRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-03Evaluation of fluorine additive segregation in UV nanoimprint resin by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintTakahiro OyamaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-04Replication of NIL Stamps by Metal-Assisted Chemical Etching of Silicon5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintMohammad TarequzzamanRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-05Au split-ring resonator arrays responsive to a magnetic field in a visible frequency region fabricated by UV nanoimprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintTakuya UeharaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-06Planarized Ag Nanopattern Array for Plasmonic Resonance-driven Electroluminescence Enhancement5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintChul-Hyun KimRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-07Polymer filling behaviors with imprinting velocity in NIL5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintJiHyeong RyuRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-08High-Throughput Transfer Imprinting for Organic Semiconductor5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintGihoon ChooRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-09A novel route for fabricating Printable Photonic Devices with a high refractive index5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintCarlos Pina HernandezRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-10Exceptional Thermal Stability of Thermoplastic Polymer Nanostructures Patterned by Nanoimprint5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintYouwei JiangRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-11Free-standing filaments in thermal nanoimprint induced by pre-filling5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintAndre MayerRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-12Reflow minimization via viscosity control by exposure5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintKhalid DhimaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-13Underestimated impact of instabilities with nanoimprint5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintAndre MayerRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-14Selective Patterning of Fluorinated Self-assembled Monolayer by UV Nanoimprinting for Directed Self-Assembly5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintHitomi WakabaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-15Effect of toluene treatment on PDMS molding into nanoholes5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintCelal ConRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-16Dual scale controlled surface roughness by wrinkling of polymer imprints5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintHyun Wook RoRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-17Selective Edge Lithography for Fabricating Imprint Mold with Nano Size and Large Size Mixed Patterns5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintHayato NomaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-18Nanopatterned micromechanical elements by polymer injection molding with hybrid molds5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintHelmut SchiftRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-19Three dimensional hologram-ROM duplication by UV-NIL5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintNoriyuki UnnoRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-20Novel nanofabrication method to achieve high aspect ratio metallic patterns by thermal nanoimprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintNerea AlayoRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-21An investigation into the role of self-assembled monolayers of silane in UV nano-imprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintAlborz AmirsadeghiRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-22Pre-hardening Ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography using opaque mold5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintJun TaniguchiRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-23DWDM laser arrays fabricated using thermal nanoimprint lithography on Indium Phosphide substrates5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintKristian SmistrupRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-242D Azobenzene Liquid-crystalline Polymer-based Switchable Photonic Crystals via Nanoimprint5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintXinming JiRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-25Durability assessment of mold release agents for ultraviolet nanoimprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintKota FunakoshiRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-26Novel template releasing process Novel template releasing process by multi-axis controlled systems in nanoimprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintTomoki NishinoRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-27Nanoimprint-Based Lift-off Process for a Large-Scale Epitaxial Growth of Nanowires5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintMariusz GraczykRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-28Reorientation Evaluation of Photoinduced Liquid Crystalline Polymer Pattern Fabricated by Hybrid Nanoimprinting with Linearly Polarized Ultra Violet Irradiation5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintMakoto OkadaRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-292D- visualization of imprint-induced flow by means of crystallizing polymers5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintSi WangRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-30Sub-10nm nanofabrication by step-and-repeat UV nanoimprint lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintScott DhueyRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-31Magnetic field assisted micro contact printing: a new concept of fully automated and calibrated process5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintJean-Christophe CauRyman Exhibit Hall
P14-32Functional Nano Patterns realized by Thermal and UV Nano Imprint Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P14 - NanoimprintMario BaumRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-01Contrast curve engineering by using multi-layer polystyrene electron beam resist5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsManal AlhazmiRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-02Line width roughness reduction strategies for resist patterns printed via electron beam lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsJulien JussotRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-03Polycarbonate as an ideal grayscale electron beam resist using diluted cyclopentanone developer5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsArwa ?AbbasRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-04Exposure Strategy: Investigation of the Relationship between Exposure Speed and Ultra High Resolution in electron beam lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsScott LewisRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-05Process Dependence of Line Width Roughness in Electron Beam Resists5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsTomoharu YamazakiRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-07Hard resist masks prepared with sequential infiltration synthesis process for high-resolution deep etch5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsXianghai MengRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-08Investigation into Shot Noise Effects of Direct Write Electron Beam Lithography Using High Energy Electron Beams5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsAlan BrodieRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-09Pattern exposure order dependence in hydrogen silsequioxane5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsDevin BrownRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-10Point-spread function of energy deposition by an electron-beam determined by using energy-filtered TEM5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsVitor ManfrinatoRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-11Chemical Composition and Pattern Development in Inorganic Photoresist Materials Deposited from Aqueous Solution5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsRose RutherRyman Exhibit Hall
P15-12An in situ analysis of EUV resist dissolution characteristics by high speed AFM5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P15 - ResistsJulius Joseph SantillanRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-01Sub-10nm Resolution after Lift-Off using HSQ/PMMA Double Layer Resist (Invited)5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferMarcus RommelRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-02Wafer Scale Fabrication of High-Aspect Ratio Gold Nanostructures using Ar+ - Ion Beam Etching5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferRichard KasicaRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-03Fabrication of Nano-Bowl Arrays via Simple Holographic Patterning and Lift-Off Process5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferYuyang LiuRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-04High accuracy dual side overlay with KOH through wafer etching5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferHenk Van ZeijlRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-05Development of a Mask-less Nanofabrication Process for SnO2 Periodic Nanostructure5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferDebabrot BorgohainRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-06Inductively Coupled Plasma Etching of Through-Cell Vias in Indium-Bearing III-V Solar Cells Using SiCl4/Ar plasma5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferYuning ZhaoRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-07Polymeric Sidewall Transfer Lithography5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferYi-Chen LoRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-08Thermal dewetting of gold particles on a template surface5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferZhaoqian LiuRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-09Patterning of Light-Extraction Nanostructures on Sapphire Substrates Using Nanoimprint, SiO2 Masking and ICP Dry Etching5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferHao ChenRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-10KOH Polishing of Nanoscale Deep Reactive-Ion Etched Ultra-High Aspect Ratio Gratings5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferAlexander BruccoleriRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-11Fabrication of transparent superoleophobic surfaces by multiple shrinking mask etching and layer-by-layer coating5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferHyungryul ChoiRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-12Dipole-Coupled Nanomagnet Chains Fabricated on Silicon Nitride Membranes for Time-Resolved X-Ray Microscopy Experiments5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferDavid CarltonRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-13Lithographically-Defined ZnO Nanowire Growth5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferSamuel NicaiseRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-14Metal-Assisted Etching of Silicon Molds for Electroforming5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferRalu DivanRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-15Fabrication of Patterned Interference-Based and Absorption-Based Polarizers5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferWei-Liang HsuRyman Exhibit Hall
P16-16Comparison of Au feature formation using two Au-calixarene resists, electron beam lithography, and low temperature organic removal5/29/2013 12:005/29/2013 14:00P16 - Nanostructures and Pattern TransferPradeep PereraRyman Exhibit Hall


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